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Ex QualitySolicitors COO Saleem Arif has a new business. ReviewSolicitors claim over 300 firms signed up along with Redbrick Solutions to give ‘Trip Adviser’ type feedback.

More case management firms to follow DPS etc but at £250 per month seems somewhat expensive for the Premium Service.

Specialist firm(1 or 2 areas of law)
£250 per month, plus £50 per additional branch

Just visited the site and the second review shown was as follows :

“Have rang a number of times to be told I would be called back and the calls are never returned sometimes have waited over a week. I was going for an order to get my child removed from her fathers care due to domestic violence in January and because there emailing system was down it took a number of days more to sort out. I have now been sent a bill 8 months later for over £2000 when the only 2 times they represented me I had legal aid and they never told me i would be charged. Stay clear of them just in it for the money absolutely useless ! I did a better job in court representing myself. The solicitor came to court and had to go somewhere to type all the paperwork up because didn’t have it prepared properly stay clear at all costs !”

The site helpfully shows all adjacent (signed up) firms in the area.

Sometimes a good idea can become a nightmare for a firm.

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