Veyo report released by Law Society

Extract from Legal Futures

Law Society has made available a summary put together by OC&C of five core principles which should be observed for all future commercial ventures:

  • Understand risks and plan accordingly. This included understanding customer needs based on robust evidence and avoiding “single large investments”;
  • Establish clear and robust governance structures. This included ensuring that those providing governance have the appropriate skills and are “not just purely representing the Law Society’s interests”;
  • Install a capable team with the required skills;
  • Execute effectively and communication regularly. This included ensuring greater transparency to the society’s council and to members; and
  • Follow a clear process for product development.

Rob Hailstone, who runs the Bold Legal Group and has been one of the most outspoken critics of Veyo, said there were still a number of unanswered questions, such as how the market had in fact changed so as to justify the end of Veyo, adding: “There must be something to show for £7m plus – why can’t the source code be obtained from Mastek?”

He continued: “The findings from this fiasco should not just end up producing a pretty standard ‘guidance for commercial ventures’; it should be a wake-up call for the Law Society generally about how it conducts and runs its business (including CQS)…

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